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Every athlete may have learned excellent skills in order to outsmart their opponent, but without the speed to out maneuver, react quickly or get in position, the player’s learned techniques might not be enough to make the play, score the goal or win the race.

Acceleration was founded to developed and help athletes improve the power, speed, agility, strength, and confidence to improve their game. Athletes who participate in the Acceleration training programs train with the most advanced technology available today, along with specialized equipment, all designed to improve:

  • Acceleration and speed for running or skating
  • Agility for changing direction quickly
  • Body coordination and balance
  • Strength and power

No matter what sport you play: Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Hockey, Lacrosse, Motocross, Roller Derby, Snowcross, Soccer, Softball, Track and Field, Triathlon, Ultimage Frisbee or Volleyball; we have the custom program to help you excel.

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